Young Adults (ages 12-16)

Our Young Adults program is specifically designed for teens ages 12-16. The goal of the program is to develop our student’s confidence, respect and self-discipline, while teaching practical self defense.

“An Individual’s Self-Concept is the Core Of His Personality. It Affects Every Aspect Of Human Behavior: The Ability To Learn, The Capacity To Grow And Change, The Choice Of Friends, Mates And Careers. It Is No Exaggeration To Say That A Strong, Positive Self-Image Is The Best Possible Preparation For Life.”
-Dr. Joyce Brothers

Self Defense Techniques: The reality based techniques handle just about very type of attack imaginable.

Forms: A form is a routine of basics much like a gymnastics routine designed for easy practice and to teach valuable lessons.

Sets: Exercises that string together basics to improve efficiency in technique.

Sparring: We employ several styles of sparring, sparring increases, hand eye coordination, your confidence, your ability to visualize targets, and it will increase your endurance and stamina like no exercise on the planet.

Theory: American Kenpo is an efficient and practical approach to self defense.