Little Dragons (ages 4-6)

Our Little Dragons program is specifically designed for children ages 4-7. The goal of the program is to develop of our student’s confidence, respect and self-discipline, while teaching practical self defense.

“An Individual’s Self-Concept is the Core Of His Personality. It Affects Every Aspect Of Human Behavior: The Ability To Learn, The Capacity To Grow And Change, The Choice Of Friends, Mates And Careers. It Is No Exaggeration To Say That A Strong, Positive Self-Image Is The Best Possible Preparation For Life.”
-Dr. Joyce Brothers

The American Karate & Fitness Advantage:

-Respect and self-discipline
-Positive Mental Attitude
-Confidence and self-esteem
-Awareness of Health and Fitness
-Practical self-defense
-Effective methods for defusing bullies
-Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
-Listening and concentration skills
-Leadership skills
-Stanger danger awareness
-Decreased parent separation anxiety

There are many advantages for enrolling your preschooler at American Karate & Fitness. First, children of this age are still in the early development of their motor skills and coordination. The skills taught at American Karate & Fitness increase their balance, flexibility and muscle control that will compliment their motor skills and coordination. Developing these skills now will increase their overall fitness level which helps them excel at other sports, improve their academics, develop healthier habits and increase their confidence which leads to a better self-image.

Secondly, children at this age are developing the mental skills that will lay the foundation for all their learning. American Karate & Fitness will give your son/daughter every advantage by teaching the strategies and skills that will help them develop greater focus and concentration, improve their ability to follow directions, develop self-discipline, and a positive attitude which will give them the confidence to try their best.

Finally, American Karate & Fitness is a great social activity that helps children make new friends and interact with others on a positive basis.

We make it easy to get started. Here’s how:

American Karate & Fitness offers a $24.95 Trial Program that includes two semi-private lessons and a uniform. The purpose of this trial program is to give you the opportunity to come to our school, take a tour of our facility, meet our instructors and see how we work with our students and what we teach them.

In your son/daughter’s first class you’ll learn the Three Rules of Concentration, how to develop self-discipline, the importance of respect and some basic Martial Art skills. You’ll also learn the power of goal setting and how to develop a positive attitude.