Kenpo Kids (ages 7-11)

Our Kenpo Kids program is specifically designed for children ages 7-11. The goal of the program is to develop our student’s confidence, respect and self-discipline, while teaching practical self defense.

“An Individual’s Self-Concept is the Core Of His Personality. It Affects Every Aspect Of Human Behavior: The Ability To Learn, The Capacity To Grow And Change, The Choice Of Friends, Mates And Careers. It Is No Exaggeration To Say That A Strong, Positive Self-Image Is The Best Possible Preparation For Life.”
-Dr. Joyce Brothers

The American Karate & Fitness Advantage:

-Respect and self-discipline
-Positive Mental Attitude
-Confidence and self-esteem
-Awareness of Health and Fitness
-Practical self-defense
-Effective methods for defusing bullies
-Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
-Listening and concentration skills
-Leadership skills
-Stanger danger awareness

Using Martial Arts To Develop Character Is Not A Unique Idea

Martial Arts has been used to teach character development for thousands of years. Most of us have childhood memories of seeing TV Karate Masters teaching life lesson to their young pupils. The difference today is how these lessons are taught. Children today want to have fun while learning.

American Karate & Fitness has spent the past 20+ years perfecting our teaching methods and curriculum in order to make learning that’s not only fun, but relevant and exciting for our students. Our motivating instructors not only challenge and encourage our students to advance their skills in the practice of Martial Arts, but also to apply the character development lessons in every area of their life.

Our life skill lessons are easy to learn, practical to apply and very relevant to the challenges faced by our youth. Because most of our instructors are parents themselves, we know first hand the challenges that our youth face on a daily basis. From bullying to striving for better grades, American Karate & Fitness is dedicated towards teaching lessons within our classes that equips our students to handle life’s daily challenges and give them the best advantage possible.

What Students Learn

In every class students are challenged to improve their Martial Arts skills by learning different curriculum that increases in intensity as they grow their skills. What’s more, in every class students will learn a different lesson about what it means to be a Martial Artist, and how to apply these lessons to every part of their life. Students learn: How to Develop a Positive Attitude, Self-Discipline, Respect, Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Self-Control, and Perseverance. We teach these lessons through inspiring stories and candid discussions. But it’s more than just talking. Through out the class students are challenged to apply the messages to their own training which helps them develop winning habits. Our students are encouraged to carry the messages with them as they leave the school – applying it to every area of their life. As a result, our students become leaders within their peer groups, academic achievers at school, and role models for the community.

Every Child Needs Unshakable Confidence

Our children need confidence. Without confidence they won’t stand up against negative peer pressure or bullying, nor will they develop and use their unique talents and skills. Without confidence a person will never realize their true potential. How do we develop this confidence?

American Karate & Fitness uses an intrinsic reward system that encourages children to be and give their best. Through the motivation our instructors provide, we teach children to develop their own personal potential by looking for the good within themselves and believing in their own individuality. Our reward system of belt achievement teaches students how to set and attain goals. Through this belt achievement system they also learn the value of working for things and the confidence that comes when you achieve your goals.